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Preventing Atlanta Work Injuries in Collisions

Car accidents are a leading cause of death in the United States. A good portion of these accidents happen at work. Workplace accidents caused by employees driving on-the-job cost employers in excess of $47 billion each year, according to Safety BLR. Loss of productivity is one reason, as employees miss 1.6 million workdays because of injuries from on-the-job collisions. Medical bills and other costs also add up. atlanta work injuries Van Sant Law

Because there are so many workplace car accidents, and because employers have to face enormous costs and losses, preventing of on-the-job collisions is very important for companies. The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) wants to help. NETS hosts an annual Drive Safely Work Week each year. This year, it will be held October 3-7, according to Safety BLR.

Hopefully, with more training, workplace crashes can be reduced and injuries prevented. Some accidents are, however, likely to continue occurring. When car accidents happen on-the-job, injured workers should consult with a workers’ comp lawyer in Atlanta to find out what courses of action are open to them for recovering compensation for losses.

Workplace Car Accidents and Atlanta Workers’ Comp

Atlanta workers’ compensation can pay for damages and losses from an on-the-job car accident whenever the crash happened due to work duties. This is true even if an employee was at fault for the collision occurring. If an employee is found to have caused a collision through negligence, the employer could actually become responsible for all losses, including those caused to other victims. This is because Georgia’s agency rules say actions of an employee are the equivalent of actions of an employer.

The financial loss to employers from accidents can happen any time a worker was hurt while driving on-the-job. It’s not just taxi and truck drivers who could drive for work; lots of people do, from traveling salesmen to office staff who pick up supplies for the workplace. If the driving was work-related, employers can become responsible for the consequences of a crash that happens.

Employers have strong incentive to prevent accidents, both to help employees stay safe and to reduce financial damages. NETS believes around 50 percent of on-the-job accidents could be avoided if there was adequate training provided to prevent workplace auto accidents.

During Drive Safely Work Week, employers are encouraged to use NETS resources to provide education to workers. This year, the educational materials focus on prevention of crashes resulting from distraction. The materials focus on the impact of fatigue on driving ability, on recognizing signs of dangerous fatigue, and on the importance of sufficient sleep to perform safely at work.

The materials also focus on the dangers of distracted driving due to phone use, other in-vehicle electronics and other distractions. Finally, materials also focus on the importance of wearing seatbelts, as buckling up reduces fatality rates by around 50 percent.

Hopefully, this training will help with crash prevention. If collisions do happen, though, workers need to know their rights.

Have You Been Injured On The Job?

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