Playground Injuries May Be Grounds for Lawsuit

Categories: Accident Victims

Every year hundreds of children are injured on playgrounds. Sometimes the injuries are serious, resulting in the need for expensive medical treatment. Our law firm occasionally hears from clients that wonder if they have any recourse. Can they sue the school district? Can they sue the teacher for inadequate supervision? What options do they have?

So many factors come into play when a playground injury occurs. Was the equipment properly maintained? Was the equipment age appropriate for the child? Was the accident the result of faulty equipment or misuse of the equipment by the child?

When injuries result in pain and suffering or expensive medical bills, you need to seek legal advice. There are precedents for awards being granted to families for extensive medical treatments that resulted from playground injuries. There also are situations that do not qualify for legal action.

While we certainly hope we won’t hear from any parents of injured children this school year, if your child is injured on the playground, contact David Van Santpersonal injury attorney in Atlanta.