Petting a Puppy Good for Stress Reduction in Accident Victims

Categories: Dog Bites

When it comes to puppies and kittens, we’re softies like everyone else here at the Law Offices of David Van Sant. While it’s not unusual for a case we’re working on to deal with a “bad dog,” we still are fans of animals. We just don’t like dogs that bite.

Since we like animals, and stress reduction techniques are something we like to share with our clients, it was interesting to read this week in the Buffalo (NY) Business Journal about how the University of Buffalo had brought in puppies for students to pet as part of Stress Relief Week.

If it’s been a while you since you were in college, you may have forgotten just how stressful it can be to go through final exam week. This time of year, it’s also the end of the school year, the weather is good, and there are so many other distractions for students in the 18 – 22 age group. Bringing puppies onto campus to help relieve stress was an idea that seems to make some sense.

So we’re going to promote this “therapy” to our clients. If you have stress after an accident, we aren’t suggesting you rush out to the nearest shelter and adopt a litter of puppies, but if petting a puppy for as little as 30 seconds can change your mood and reduce stress, maybe a visit to the shelter or the local park is is worth a try.

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