Personal Injury Attorneys Handle All Types of Claims

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On Monday mornings I often reflect on my weekend. As a personal injury attorney in Atlanta, I’m sort of a like a doctor. You know how it is: everyone is always asking for a “spot diagnosis” at a cocktail party or church event. “Hey, Doc, do you think this is anything?”

As an attorney, I get a little bit of that too. People are always curious about the type of cases that a personal injury attorney deals with, and most people I meet have a “brother, cousin, friend…” who has “a slight problem.”

While the attorney/client privilege makes it impossible for me to discuss the specifics of any of the cases I’m working on, people usually are curious about what sort of cases a personal injury attorney works on week to week. So for those who are curious, here’s a little primer on “What does a personal injury attorney do?”

A personal injury attorney deals with cases that have left someone injured. The most common, of course, is an automobile or truck accident. However, there are many other types of personal injury cases. Our clients are people who have had accidents with their cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks or bikes, or they are people who were injured at work and are facing steep medical bills and lots of confusing insurance claims. Dog bites, slips and falls, product injuries, nursing home abuse or neglect, and just about any other type of situation where insurance claims and/or medical bills are involved can benefit from having a personal injury attorney involved..

A personal injury attorney will help maneuver you through the often complicated process of filing insurance claims, pursuing damages from the individual,company, or organization responsible for your injury, and he or she will file the court case and deal with the administrative proceedings. Your personal injury attorney will fight, on your behalf, for what is right. I like to think we rarely take “No” for an answer.

So, if you or someone you know in the Atlanta area needs the assistance of a determined, responsible, personal injury attorney to represent him or her in a personal injury case, please contact our offices, and we’ll get started right away.

David Van Sant is a personal injury attorney in Atlanta who helps victims get the compensation and judgments they deserve.