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Personal Injury Attorney Athens GA

If you have sustained injuries due to another person’s negligence you could have a personal injury claim. If you want to get the most out of your claim you should seek help from a personal injury attorney in Athens GA. 

Here at Van Sant Law, we know how hard it can be to make a claim. If you have no legal experience or you’ve never made a claim the whole process can seem somewhat intimidating. This is where we can help you. We have a lot of experience and understanding when it comes to the world of personal injury law. We can ensure that you’re much more likely to receive the compensation you deserve. 

Our Personal Injury Practice Areas

Below you can find details of our practice areas. If you have sustained an injury in one of these areas please contact us as soon as you can. 

Car Accidents

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Car accidents can potentially leave you with some serious injuries. We have very congested roads and we all spend a lot of time in our vehicles. Let us help you make a claim so you’re more likely to receive compensation for your medical bills.

Truck Accidents

This type of accident can result in serious injuries or fatalities. In addition to this, the injured party or their family will have to face the truck driver and their employer. This is where making a claim can be complicated. Contact us today so we can help you make sense of the legal process.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are vulnerable every time they ride on the road. Even though they’re more likely to sustain serious injuries many drivers blame them for any accidents they have. We don’t think this is right. We’re aware that many drivers don’t look for motorcyclists and they often like to scare them. This is where we can come in and help. We can work with you to ensure you’re nott blamed for an accident that was another person’s fault.

Wrongful Death

If someone you love has died and you think their death should be investigated please talk to us. We will do what we can to ensure any neglect or abuse is uncovered.

Worker’s Comp

If you were injured while at work you could be entitled to compensation. We can help you make a claim against your employer. If you sustained serious injuries you might even receive compensation for future loss of earnings. 

Dog Bites

The laws in Athens can be slightly different to laws in other parts of Georgia. This can make dog bite claims seem quite complicated. Don’t worry, we know the ins and outs of local dog bite laws and we can ensure you or your loved one is more likely to receive compensation.

Food Poisoning

If you have become ill because you ate food that was poorly handled or food hygiene levels weren’t as good as they should be, you might have a case. If you or someone you love has had to receive hospital treatment due to food poisoning contact us today.

Medical Malpractice

Occasionally, those who should have received medical care don’t get the level of care they need. We can help you hold the relevant people liable.

Nursing Home Abuse

When you place a loved one in a nursing home you expect them to receive the best possible care. However, if you suspect they’re being abused you could be feeling quite distressed. We will do everything we can to uncover any signs of abuse so the right people are held accountable.

Premises Liability

If you were injured when you were on another person’s or a company’s premises you might have a claim. If there were insufficient safety notices or the area was not maintained we could help you. You could have a claim against the occupier or the property owner. 

Defective Products

Were you injured when you used a product as instructed? We can help you. We will hold dangerous manufacturers accountable.

We’re on Your Side

If you choose to work with us we will do everything we can to hold the other party accountable. We don’t think it’s right that they should get away with what has happened to you. We will work aggressively to ensure you receive the best legal help and the most compensation we can get you. 

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If you were injured due to another person’s negligence you should contact us today. Don’t deal with this on your own. Insurance adjusters will tell you that they cannot offer you much in the way of compensation. They might even try to tell you that the accident was partly your fault. Let us deal with them on your behalf. Contact us today, we are hard-working Athens personal lawyers. Let us work hard for you. 


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