Personal Injuries Require an Attorney

Categories: Accident Victims

If you’re in an accident and you are injured due to no fault of your own, you need a personal injury attorney to make sure that the responsible party and/or his or her insurance pays for your injuries, the repair or replacement of your vehicle, lost wages, or other compensation. In some cases, you may also be eligible for “pain and suffering.”

So how do you work with an attorney? First of all, think of the attorney as someone who is working for you. You don’t have any reason to fear your attorney, and you need to be as honest and open with your attorney as possible to ensure that he or she has the information needed to do the best possible job for you.

Take notes and document information. It is impossible to remember all the names and dates and phone numbers you will be bombarded when dealing with the fall-out from your accident. Keep all your notes together in a file and take the file with you whenever you visit with your attorney.

Be sure to return phone calls from insurance companies or medical collection agencies promptly to ensure that the lines of communication remain open. If your attorney advises it, allow your attorney’s office to return phone calls for you.

Follow the instructions of your physician and other medical practitioners to ensure you receive the best care possible. Trust you attorney to handle things for you. Don’t get in his or her way or try to “cut deals” on your own with insurance companies or the other driver.

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