So Far, Over $1 Million Recovered This Year for Injured Clients

Categories: Firm News

Our team at Van Sant Law, LLC has recovered well over one million dollars for our clients in settlements and verdicts so far this year, and the year is not over yet. This coming fall, we will be trying a case for a client who was injured in a tractor trailer accident. The incident occurred because the truck driver was speeding and driving on the wrong side of the road. To make matters worse, the road was a narrow two-lane highway which carried a weight-restriction. This may seem like an open and close case, and it may have been, had not the trucking company completely destroyed the truck before the authorities could inspect it. Trucks contained an engine control module (ECM), which keeps track of information which could have proven to be invaluable to our client.

Even though the trucking company chose to take matters into their own hands and attempt to obstruct justice, we are still confident that through dedication and legal skill, we will be able to reach a favorable verdict for our client. If the trucking company is found guilty of spoliation of evidence, severe sanctions could be brought against them. It may be ruled that the data was known to be harmful to the trucking company and was therefore destroyed. We will thoroughly investigate every aspect of the case and fight for the justice of our client. Please contact us if you have questions about how David Van Sant could help you. We are not only able to handle accidents involving trucks, but car accidents, motorcycle accidents, dangerous drugs, and more. Call our office to schedule your initial consultation.