One Injured After Tree Falls in Atlanta

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At least one person was injured when a giant tree tumbled down onto Ponce de Leon near the Fernbank Museum in Atlanta. The accident happened on Tuesday afternoon and the entire Ponce de Leon street has been closed in both directions while crews work to clear away the tree and debris. One car was trapped under the fallen tree. The vehicle was crushed as the driver was moving down Ponce de Leon.

This terrible accident may result in a lawsuit in the future. If the driver can prove that the tree was the responsibility of the city, a homeowner, or a homeowner’s association, then the driver may be able to sue the liable party for his or her injuries and the vehicle damage. This is because some parties are responsible for the maintenance of property and are obligated to make sure that their trees are healthy and are not at risk to toppling over.

If a person fails to maintain the health of all plants and trees on their property, this can be an issue resulting in injuries like these. If you want more information about tree liability, you can speak with an Atlanta personal injury attorney at Van Sant Law today. With the right attorney on your side, you can learn about the different options for litigation after a falling tree accident. You may be able to sue under the claim ofpremises liability and show that the owner of the property where you were present at the time of the accident should be responsible for the incident.

You can also pinpoint a specific community or a homeowner’s association for these accidents. You will want to seek damages for all property that was damaged and all medical bills form injuries that you suffered. At the Van Sant Law Firm, there are Atlanta personal injuriy attorneys that are eager to serve you, so contact a lawyer today for more information!