NFL Star Comments on Hot Air Balloon Accident

Categories: Personal Injury

Last month, NFL Star Donte Stallworth was injured in a terrifying hot air balloon accident. According to reports, the athlete was in a hot air balloon with a friend when the large balloon came into contact with power lines.

As a result, Stallworth and his friend were electrocuted. The 32-year-old free agent played with the Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins in the past. He and his friend say that they were simply enjoying a hot air balloon ride near Miami as a relaxing activity when the disaster struck.

Stallworth says that before the accident, he and his friend were simply enjoying the pleasant Florida day, but the pilot shocked them when he admitted that there was no way that they could land the balloon at the expected location.

Stallworth told ABC News that he noticed that they were approaching power lines and suddenly felt the electric shock. His friend, a woman, caught on fire as the two were severely electrocuted. The balloon crashed to the ground, and Stallworth admits that he was convinced that this was going to the end of his life.

Both Stallworth and his friend were rushed to the hospital with second and third degree burns from the electrocution. The two have received much attention and have been supported by others in the NFL. Stallworth admits that more than anything, the experience taught him that life is short.

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