New Guidelines on Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Georgia Schools

Categories: Personal Injury

According to the Associated Press, state officials recently released guidelines for all Georgia schools asking them to review their carbon monoxide systems and determine the risks associated with carbon monoxide poisoning near the school. Originally, the government intended to require all schools to install carbon monoxide detectors, but backed off, opting instead to simply issue some strict guidelines on the subject.

A task force was formed this past January to monitor the installment of carbon monoxide detectors in schools. This is because last year 44 children and 10 adults were sickened in a carbon monoxide leak at an elementary school the area. While all recovered, the terrifying truth is that at its highest levels, carbon monoxide can be deadly. This omission gas that can come from cars, heaters, and a variety of other heat generating products can seep into schools unawares.

This is because the gas is odorless and colorless. It is extremely hard to detect unless a system is installed in the room for this very purpose. Those who have been exposed to carbon monoxide can suffer serious internal damage as a result. Because of this danger, the Department of Community Affairs in Georgia says that they have issued guidelines and hope that those in the area will honor these recommendations.

The Department is urging schools to evaluate potential risks and develop a plan of action if needed including replacing equipment or installing a carbon monoxide detection system. If you have been sickened or if your child fell ill because of carbon monoxide poisoning at a Georgia school then you may have the ability to seek compensation. Schools that had a reckless disregard to these guidelines may be punished for their carelessness. Talk with an Atlanta personal injury attorney today if you want more information about how toxic exposure lawsuits work!