Music Reduces Stress in Injured Individuals

Categories: Accident Victims

Music is a great way to pump you up, but you may not know that music is also an excellent way to reduce stress.

Whether you listen to classical, country, pop, alternative or head-banging, heavy metal rock, music “soothes the savage beast,” and it reduces stress at the same time.

If you have a car accident or truck accident, you may find yourself under additional stress as you wade through insurance paperwork, deal with medical appointments or auto repair shops, or meet with your attorney. Isn’t it nice to know that a little music will help all of those things seem easier to handle?

A recent university study tested the stress levels of college students who were faced with an oral presentation in front of a large group. Since public speaking is one of the most feared of acts, stress levels were measured using metrics like heart rate, breathing patterns, perspiration, and voice inflections. The students who presented with classical music playing lightly in the background had far less stress based on these factors than the students who presented with no music at all.

Many dentist and doctor’s offices have applied these principles and offer headsets with music to their patients before routine dental or medical procedures. Stress levels are noticeably reduced when music is played.

So, if you have had an auto or truck accident and you are feeling stressed, crank the tunes! It may not solve all your problems, but if it makes your problems easier to deal with, that’s a very good thing.

If you need a personal injury attorney to help you with insurance claims, accident forms, or a lawsuit, contact David Van Sant. When you call, we hope you enjoy the calming music we play for you. While we will answer your call as soon as we can, remember that we are helping you lower your stress level. So sit back, and enjoy the music!