Motorcycle Safety & You

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The recent rash of motorcycle fatalities in the Atlanta area should be of major concern to anyone who drives in Georgia. The main reason: statistics show that 80 percent of the accidents that kill cyclists in our state are caused by someone or some thing other than the cyclist.

Crashes that involve motorcyclists create the most severe injuries for obvious reasons. Cyclists are not protected like those in a car or truck. In Georgia, cyclists are required to wear protective headgear (a helmet), and if the bike does not have a windshield, they are also required to wear protective eyewear. However, a helmet is no guarantee that a cyclist will survive a crash.

Motorcycle riders are required to follow the rules of the road with regard to speed, lanes, turns, signaling, and stopping. In addition, cyclists need to take extra precautions to make sure people on the road see them. That means riding within the site of a driver’s rearview mirror, signaling before changing lanes, and driving the speed limit. Cyclists also should stay off the roads when the pavement is wet, it’s raining, or when other adverse weather conditions exist.

Despite taking every precaution, it is possible that you will be injured in an accident while riding a motorcycle, just as it is always possible that you will be injured while driving a car. Motorcycle injuries can be severe, and riders who are injured face lost work, large medical bills, and the reduced ability to function as they did prior to the accident.

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