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Alpharetta Lawyer Cites Most Dangerous Toys for Christmas

David Van Sant is an attorney who cares about his clients, and that includes clients of all ages. Nothing is more upsetting than a case involving an injured child. When that child was injured by a toy, something is radically wrong.

Most injuries to children occur when they choke because they have put something they shouldn’t in their mouths, or when a child rides a bike or scooter without a helmet. But there are still toys that are on the shelves that are dangerous, despite the federal government banning nearly 200 toys in the last year.

A few of the worst toys on the shelves this Christmas, as rated by W.A.T.C.H. or World Against Toys Causing Harm, are:

Magnetic Fishing Game – By Kole Imports. You will see these at dollar stores and where inexpensive toys are sold. Amazon also has them available online. While it is a cute toy, it offers a major choking hazard. The cute little fish are an attractive item, and young children are prone to putting them in their mouth. There also are tiny magnets that will come loose and that children can choke on. Do not buy this toy for children no matter what age they are.

Bongo Ball – This $50 toy looks like a lot of fun. It is sold at Toys R Us and it is a large inflatable ball that children can get inside and roll around in. The box shows unsupervised children having a blast inside the big blow-up ball. This toy is just a bad idea all the way around. Not only is it easy to see how a child could be injured, but since this is obviously an “outside toy,” a child could easily roll into the street and be hit by a car, or suffocate inside the ball by falling asleep or otherwise being unsupervised. BAD IDEA.

Dart Zone Quick Fire Dart Gun – Manufactured by Prime Time Toys and sold online on Amazon and through Sears stores, this gun has two batteries that allow you to “rapid fire” the gun. The potential for eye injuries, even with the Nerf style darts, is obvious, but worst of all, the manufacturer mislabeled the box and it is listed as being safe for ages 7 months and up. Don’t buy this toy for any child under five years old, and do not allow play without adult supervision.

V Tech is a highly respected toy manufacturer, but one of their toys, found on the shelves all over, including at WalMart stores nationwide, is the Explore and Learn Helicopter. This toy looks like great fun, but it is made for babies and includes a cord that is long enough to strangle a child. It is critical to never give a young child anything with a string longer than 12 inches. Longer strings can wrap around the neck twice and strangle the child.

If you have boys, they’d probably love to have the Hasbro Avengers Gamma Green Smash Fists – large “Hulk-like” fists that children can use to pummel one another. Blunt trauma injuries have been reported when little “Avengers” attack an unsuspecting playmate. The box has no warnings, and ommercials show kids literally beating up on one another with the fists. Avoid at all costs!

These are just a few examples of the type of toys that are still on U.S. toy store shelves and that have the potential to cause major injuries. Avoid these toys!

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