Medical Payments Coverage is Valuable Asset for Accident Victims

Categories: Insurance

While no one ever plans to have an accident, it’s good to have the right insurance in the event that you do. In recent years new options have been made available by most of the large insurance providers. In most states, including Georgia, Medical Payments Coverage is an option that is available to you.

What is Medical Payments Coverage?

Medical Payments Coverage can help pay the medical or funeral expenses of a covered driver.and passengers. The insurance kicks in after your other medical coverage is depleted and when all other sources of coverage have been used.

In addition to funeral expenses, the coverage may be used for:

  • Passengers who are hurt while you or a family member is driving
  • You if you’re injured while a passenger in someone else’s car
  • You if you’re struck by a car while walking or cycling
  • Any dental expenses that are required after an accident
  • Rehabilitation expenses for nursing services or hospitalization
  • Prosthetic limbs

While a list like this is certainly not very fun. Imagine having to pay for these things out of pocket? Even if you have health insurance, if you carry passengers regularly, this coverage is something you need. It will cover those kids if they are hurt going to ballet class with you. It will cover medical expenses for people with no health or medical insurance if they are injured while riding with you. It’s typically an inexpensive add-on and something worth looking into.

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