Medical Malpractice Myths: Crises Caused by Spikes in Lawsuits

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Some individuals may believe that malpractice crises are caused by a spike in litigation. When people begin to obtain large settlements for relatively frivolous malpractice cases, some would assume that this would motivate more individuals to sue as well because they also want compensation. While this may seem like a logical reason for spikes in medical malpractice cases, the claims are somewhat frivolous. This is not true. In fact, most medical malpractice claims are voluntary settlements, which means that the victim and the defendant will come to an agreement on a settlement without ever having to negotiate in the court room.

This insinuates that most cases are not announced, and that a crisis is not based on the number of people obtaining high settlements in cases. According to a recent study, the amount of medical malpractice claims has either stayed stable or dropped every year recently. There has been a decline of cases in the largest states that recently capped total or noneconomic damages but there are also large decline rates in states that don’t have damage caps. The litigation rate should not be prone to dramatic spikes in claiming.

In addition, 95% of all cases are resolved and made as a result of a voluntary settlement. All of this to say, crises are not caused by spikes in lawsuits, and the amount of litigations and cases is not necessarily reflective of the amount of situations where medical malpractice was a factor. While hot spots can occur the liability system typically responds to the frequency of serious medical injuries. If you want more information about medical malpractice claims or want to learn more about how to obtain a settlement for your injuries, then you should check out the rest of the Van Sant Law Firm website for information. With the right Atlanta personal injury lawyer on your side, you may be able to obtain a financial settlement that can cover the costs of your suffering and help you to recover in peace.