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Statesboro, GA Personal Injury & Auto Accident Lawyers

David Van Sant of Van Sant Law proudly serves clients in Statesboro with their personal injury needs after an accident caused by another party. Mr. Van Sant formerly worked as defense counsel for a large insurance corporation and he understands the tactics these companies employ to try to minimize their payouts. Since he has a background in insurance law, he knows what arguments the insurance companies use and he can counter their attacks. In addition, will stay by your side from start to finish as we thoroughly investigate your case so that you can receive the compensation you deserve. We offer a no-obligation initial appointment.

Practice Areas Handled by Van Sant Law:

Learn What a Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Statesboro Can Do for You

Our law firm handles dog bites and slip-and-fall accidents. We also represent clients who have been in various vehicular accidents involving cars, trucks, bicycles, and motorcycles. Across our state, nearly 115,800 people suffered injuries in 306,367 car accidents in 2008. Accidents often occur due to distracted driving or because someone chose to get behind the wheel when drinking or using drugs. Almost 30 people in the nation daily lose their lives due to drunk driving accidents, which could be avoided. If you were the victim of an accident that caused injury, we will pursue the highest possible amount of monetary compensation. We also recognize the reduced value of vehicles after a car accident and can help clients file the appropriate paperwork so they can receive compensation.

Types of Injuries Covered by Van Sant Law:

Holding Corporations and Hospitals Responsible for Injuries

If you were injured after using a defective product, call Van Sant Law. Faulty products could include drugs that did not undergo proper testing, automobile parts or pharmaceutical devices. The responsible parties should be held accountable for the defects. You can help protect others from injury by filing a claim and receive compensation for your injuries. You may have suffered injuries due to a physician’s negligence or a mistake made at a hospital. Your injuries might have occurred when you were most vulnerable. We also handle medical malpractice lawsuits and can defend your rights in these cases. offers effective legal representation for clients who suffer injuries while under the care of a medical professional.

Have You Been Injured In An Athens Area Accident?

If you’ve been injured in an accident you should speak with our Athens personal injury lawyers as soon as possible. Please contact us online or call our office directly at 855.GA.INJURY or 706.395.5529 to schedule your free consultation.