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Understanding the Differences Between Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Claims

Pipeline WelderSuffering an injury at work can be a devastating event. It creates immense stress regarding income, medical bills, and future livelihood.

At Van Sant Law, we understand the full impact that injuries have on careers and quality of life. We also know that under the law, employees have a right to be safe and free from hazardous working conditions. The award-winning legal team at Van Sant Law is dedicated to making companies accountable for workplace conditions and making sure you get justice following an on-the-job injury.

In many cases, workplace injuries should not stop at workers’ compensation claims. Workers’ compensation is designed to pay for your medical care and part of your lost pay if you get injured while working. However, what about when your injury was due to hazardous working conditions? A faulty product? Negligence of a co-worker or company?

Personal Injury Can Take Many Forms in the Workplace

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program designed to cover workers’ costs regardless of who is at fault in the injury, but countless workplace accidents could have easily been prevented. In these cases, a personal injury lawsuit can collect damages for pain and suffering, loss of vitality, loss of companionship, and other damages that workers’ compensation does not cover.

Common examples of personal injury claims based on an accident in the workplace include:

  • A roofing employee falls and he was not provided adequate safety equipment.
  • A fire breaks out in an office, but the company allowed the fire exit to be blocked, resulting in death or smoke-induced health impairments.
  • An employee suffers electrocution due to a defective power cord or another defective electrical device.
  • An employer knew the proven dangers of asbestos but still continued to use the substance in the workplace.
  • A delivery truck driver fails to follow safety protocols in backing up his truck and an accident results.
  • An employee is injured by a heavy falling object, the result of unsafe working conditions.

Employers are not the only ones responsible for safe working conditions. A subcontractor, delivery company, or manufacturer may be endangering the safety of others. If a company is negligent, pursuing a legal claim against them will prevent future accidents from happening.

Van Sant Law Can Help in this Difficult Time

At Van Sant Law, our award-winning Georgia attorneys understand the law and the benefits you have a right to receive under workers’ compensation. We know how insurance companies work and we know how to fight their adjusters who will try to limit your claims. If your injury is caused by negligence, defective products, or unsafe conditions, we will fight to get you every cent you deserve. This includes filing any applicable personal injury lawsuit.

Van Sant Law serves the entire state of Georgia with offices in Atlanta, Alpharetta, and Cumming. Give us a quick description of your case through our easy online form or call at 404-991-5950 to schedule a free consultation.