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If you or a loved one was in an accident that caused injury, you are probably frustrated and wonder what the future holds. You may have questions about your rights, especially if the accident was not your fault. After you seek medical help and treatment for your injuries, call Van Sant Law, personal injury lawyers that represent the people of LaGrange. The law specifies that you must comply with certain time frames when you file a personal injury lawsuit. Therefore, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following your accident. We understand that your physical and emotional health, along with the financial future of your family, is at stake. At Van Sant Law, we will listen to your side of the story about the accident so that we can work with you to develop a case strategy and obtain the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Examples of areas we cover at Van Sant Law:

Tips that Can Help Your Legal Case

If you are seeking payment for your injuries after an accident, you will need documentation to prove your claims. Police reports, medical records, photographs, and other accident-related paperwork show the seriousness of your injuries and can support your version of events. If you decide to retain our services we will focus our efforts on holding the responsible parties liable for their actions.

Our goal in this endeavor is two-fold: we want to help you receive payment for your injuries, and we want to send a clear message that the behavior was not acceptable so that those involved do not hurt anyone else. Our seasoned personal injury attorneys will walk with you through the entire process of your case.

Types of Injuries Covered by Van Sant Law:

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