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Paralysis Injury Attorneys in Georgia

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An injury that results in any type of paralysis can be a devastating, life-changing event. Whether it is partial or complete, or whether or not it affects your entire body, paralysis can rob you of your ability to move freely, steal away your career, alter your relationships, and empty your bank account.

While it is possible to live a full and happy life in the wake of an accident and paralysis injury, it is difficult to do so without the resources and financial support that you and your family require for rehabilitation, daily care, emotional support, and other related needs.

At Van Sant Law, we want to make certain that the person, party, or entity that is responsible for your accident and injury is also held responsible for all of your related medical needs in addition to your non-economic losses.

Causes of Paralysis

Paralysis takes a number of different forms, but all of them are serious and many of them are permanent. Some of the main causes of paralysis include:

Negligence can lead to paralysis injuries in a number of various ways. At Van Sant Law, we have seen paralysis result from traffic accident injuries, on-the-job injuries, medical errors, birth injuries, nursing home neglect, nursing home abuse, dangerous drugs, defective products, and slip and fall injuries, just to name a few.

Types of Paralysis

When we think of paralysis, we most often picture a person in a wheelchair. However, in truth, paralysis takes on a wide variety of forms, from mild to severe. One paralysis victim may simply experience a loss of function in one arm and hand, while another paralysis victim may be sentenced to a life in a hospital bed, unable even to breathe on his or her own. A brain injury may cause paralysis in only the right side of the body, while a spinal cord injury may cause paralysis only in the lower half of the body.

Common Types of Paralysis

Complete Paralysis 

This type of paralysis leads to the total loss of function in some or all of the body, usually as a result of a spinal cord injury. These injuries are usually permanent.

Partial Paralysis 

This type of paralysis results in the incomplete loss of function in some of all of the body, usually as a result of a brain injury or stroke. Partial paralysis may improve with therapy or may be permanent.


Paraplegia is the permanent paralysis of the lower half of the body, usually due to a spinal cord injury in the lower back.


Quadriplegia is the permanent paralysis of both arms and both legs, usually due to a spinal cord injury in the upper back or neck.

The Long-Term Costs of Paralysis

A paralysis injury has three different impacts: physical, financial, and emotional. All three types of consequences can greatly alter your life. Many, if not all, paralysis victims and their families will confront:

Medical Bills

The initial medical bills immediately following a paralysis injury can be staggering, especially if you require surgeries and extended hospital stays. In addition, many paralysis survivors require extensive rehabilitation and long-term medical care.

Other Costs Related To Care 

Those with partial or complete paralysis may require wheelchairs, modified homes, modified vehicles, and even around-the-clock nursing help. These costs can quickly add up to millions of dollars of expenses over a lifetime.

Loss of Earning Power and Job Loss

Some paralysis survivors will never work again, while others are forced to change their careers or earn less money. Many who can return to work need new job training.

Permanent Disabilities and Health Problems 

Losing the loss of function in part of your body is not only debilitating in itself, it is also often paired with a number of other chronic health issues. These health issues can be costly and could affect your quality of life and overall lifespan.

Loss of Quality of Life 

You may not be able to enjoy the activities you used to love or even complete simple daily tasks. You may have to change your long-term goals and dreams. Your everyday life will be more difficult than before.

Changes in Your Relationships 

Your spouse may go from being your partner to being your caregiver. You may not have the ability to engage in physical relationships. You may not be able to help or care for your children.

Emotional Pain and Trauma

Losing function, such as losing the ability to walk, can be extremely detrimental to your mental health, especially if your paralysis was caused by a traumatic accident or medical mistake. You may require therapy, medication, and other types of mental health support.

Get Compensation for your Medical Costs & More

If your paralysis was caused by negligence, you should make certain that the at-fault party takes responsibility for how your life has been altered forever. A Georgia personal injury attorney can help you understand your case and ensure that you receive appropriate compensation for your losses.

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