elderly woman wearing medical tagLarge parts of our population, especially seniors, live in nursing home or retirement home facilities. There are numerous federal and state regulations designed to ensure the standard of care each resident receives. Yet each year there are numerous cases of mistreatment and abuse. Unfortunately, an elderly resident may feel too intimidated to talk with visitors about what goes on. In other cases a disabled resident’s communication skills may be impaired or inadequate.

Even when a complaint is made, a governmental investigation may take a great deal of time to begin or never begin at all. This leaves it to a visitor to observe signs of neglect or abuse. If your dear one shows symptoms of mistreatment you need to talk with a personal injury attorney with an interest and years of experience in defending the right’s of the injured and ensuring full compensation is paid to the resident.

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While the management of many nursing homes takes pains to be responsive to their resident’s needs, frequent staff changes, poor personnel screening methods and shortages of personnel can result in less than the best of care. New staff with a history of abusive or predatory behavior may be placed in charge of a number of residents which can result in frequent accidents, failure to meet medical needs or nutritional needs, physical abuse, theft and other forms of financial abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and general neglect. If you suspect someone is being victimized, a skilled nursing home negligence lawyer with our firm is interested in speaking with you and conducting a thorough investigation before the situation worsens.

Our legal team cares about the elderly and the disabled and is fully prepared to defend their rights to humane and responsible care. Don’t wait to speak with a personal injury lawyer who is highly motivated to help. Call Van Sant Law, to discuss your concerns.

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