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Defective Car Product ?

Georgia Auto Product Liability Lawyer

Experienced Lawyers Getting Compensation for Victims of Defective Vehicles in Cumming, Atlanta, Alpharetta and all of Georgia

Woman looking at a smoking car engineDefects in automobile design, or automobile components, can result in accidents that cause severe injury or wrongful death. While there are a large number of auto consumer complaints and vehicle recalls in our country every year, many accidents still occur because of automotive defects. If you have been injured in an accident caused by a defective automotive product, you should know that car manufacturer responsible can be held financially liable for the damages you have sustained. You will want to contact a lawyer who will assist you in taking action to pursue maximum compensation. Van Sant Law, has a well-trained team of personal injury attorneys who are familiar with personal injury law and the workings of the auto industry. We understand what to look for when addressing auto product liability cases, as well as the tactics we might use in order to increase our clients’ chances of success. We encourage you to contact us right away about your auto product liability case. We will thoroughly review your accident so that we can obtain evidence or testimony that may help your case, and pursue legal remedies that are designed to seek justice on your behalf.


There are many ways in which an auto manufacturer can create a vehicle that is unsafe. A vehicle may be produced with inherent design flaws, such as a center of gravity that is too high. This will predispose the vehicle to rollovers, which can cause significant injury to the people inside. A manufacturer may also utilize faulty components when building a vehicle, resulting in an automobile with seat belts that don’t work, airbags that don’t deploy when they should, or doors that won’t unlock in critical emergency situations (such as a car fire or immersion in water).

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If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, no matter the circumstances, contact Van Sant Law so we can talk about what happened, your injuries, and how to best proceed to obtain compensation. The time to file a legal claim is limited and trying to work directly with an insurance company could be a serious mistake leading to a substantial loss of compensation. Contact Van Sant Law today.