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Atlanta Worker's Compensation AttorneyIn today’s automated factories and anyplace there is heavy machinery used to move, build, or otherwise manipulate heavy objects there is always the possibility of an operator or worker experiencing an accident where some part of their body is severely crushed. Getting a hand or limb caught in such a machine can cause a catastrophic injury that results in the loss or amputation of part of their body. If you have suffered such a crushing injury while on the job, you are most likely covered under workers’ compensation. To ensure you get adequate medical coverage, including the replacement of a missing limb with a prosthesis, you should contact an attorney at Van Sant Law, to learn how we can help you.

Crush injuries can be sustained in other ways such as a traumatic fall from a height or being inside a vehicle that is crushed as a result of a collision. Head on and high speed impacts can cause the occupant to be crushed between various internal structures of their vehicle. Most crushing injuries are very difficult to recover from completely without the assistance of major surgery, reconstruction and the use of prosthesis. The cost of such medical treatments can be enormous and lengthy and you attorney will often need to fight to guarantee you receive a comprehensive settlement that covers both present and future treatments you may need.

What to do After a Crush Injury

Whether your crush injury is work related or as the result of the negligence of another you should get the assistance of an experienced and aggressive personal injury firm that understands what it takes to protect your best interests and is dedicated to fighting on your behalf to see you get the medical care you need and the best rehabilitative therapy available to assist you in returning to as close to your former capacity as possible. We understand the time and effort that such care can involve and we will stand by you through the entire process until you get the settlement you need and deserve. Call an Alpharetta personal injury attorney today for more information on our services.