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In our firm, Van Sant Law, we have the distinct advantage of having worked for some of the nation’s largest employers and insurers, protecting them against personal injury lawsuits. This experience has given us first-hand knowledge of how insurance companies operate. We know the lengths they will go to deny legitimate claims or attempt to force individuals into greatly reduced settlement amounts. This is can work to the benefit of our clients, when a burn injury has resulted in medical costs and other expenditures that they can ill afford.

Traditionally, burn injuries are some of the most painful and lasting injuries an individual can suffer. Burns in the first degree are considered minor, affecting only the upper layer of the skin. Second degree burns cause blisters and extreme pain as they affect the upper two layers of the skin. These burns frequently need medical treatment. With a third degree burn, all layers of the skin are affected. The effects of these burns can reach into internal organs and other body parts. In order to ensure you get the fair compensation needed after a burn injury, it is important to seek the help of a qualified Alpharetta personal injury lawyer.


Burn injuries can be caused by severe car crashesconstruction accidentsdefective productsjob-related accidents, and many other sources. The effects can be long-term hospitalization coupled with repeated medical procedures and rehabilitation. Commonly, a burn victim is unable to work and earn wages that adds to an already stressful situation. The costs can mount and it is our goal to help burn victims by seeing to it that they are fully compensated for their pain and suffering.

We aggressively investigate to establish the correct cause of your burn injury and who was responsible in the matter. With documented proof, we pursue a fair settlement or trial verdict to ensure you receive proper damages. We battle with insurance companies on your behalf, not settling for the quick and unsatisfactory settlements they frequently propose. In our firm, we don’t get paid unless we secure fair compensation for you. Call today.