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Those suffering from serious injuries due to the negligence of others face many challenges. Physical limitations and pain that may be temporary or permanent. The time, energy and expense of medical treatment. Time away from work and less income to support a family. The stress of dealing with a serious situation that distracts you from your family.

Attorney David Van Sant helps those in Augusta who’ve been injured in accidents. He can help you face these challenges and get your life back in order, by helping you obtain the medical benefits you need and compensation you deserve for your injuries and their impact on your life.

Accidents happen and you may have been at the wrong place at the wrong time. But being involved in an accident doesn’t mean you and your family needs to suffer the consequences without taking any recourse. An accident can have many causes, and frequently at least one cause is the negligent act, or the failure to act, by an individual or company.

You may have thought that lawsuits are things that other people get involved with, but a personal injury claim is how innocent people injured because of the negligence of others pay for the medical treatment they need and recover financially for the income they’ve lost and the injuries they’ve suffered. Those individuals and companies in Augusta who caused the accident normally have insurance to pay for the costs of accidents. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, you are seeking compensation from insurance companies.

Van Sant Law can help you if you’ve been injured:

Van Sant Law serves the Augusta community and specializes in personal injury law. Because of that specialization, David Van Sant:

  • Has developed an expertise in representing accident victims. He knows what will work and won’t work as far as presenting a personal injury claim either to an insurance company or to a jury.

  • Takes the necessary preparation and puts in the required work to effectively represent his clients. Because of his preparation, skills and experience, he has been able to obtain settlements and awards of over a million dollars for some of his clients.

When you work with David Van Sant, you won’t need to sacrifice personal service to obtain the legal representation of one of the most highly regarded personal injury attorneys in the state. He is personally involved in every case and readily available to his clients.

Types of Injuries Covered by Van Sant Law:

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Due to strict time limits that are imposed on the filing of personal injury cases, it’s important you contact Van Sant Law as soon as possible after your accident. You can discuss your situation with Attorney Van Sant and he can advise you of your rights. You don’t want to work with an insurance company yourself after suffering a serious injury. It could be a mistake you may regret for many years to come. Contact Van Sant Law today.