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Personal Injury Case Preparation

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After you have been in an accident, there are a number of factors that will dictate the amount of compensation you will be able to obtain. One of these is whether or not you have spoken with an insurance adjuster. An adjuster is given the task of doing everything possible to reduce the value of your claim. To avoid this, it is recommended that you decline to speak with an adjuster or stop talking with an adjuster if you have already had conversations. Instead, you can focus on these objectives that will help prepare your case:

  • Recover from your injuries to the fullest possible extent by obtaining professional medical care
  • Organize and collect all documentation relevant to your case
  • Retain the services of a Georgia personal injury lawyer who can provide you with legal support

Another recommended way to prepare your case is to keep comprehensive medical records. This can be accomplished by:

  • Saving all prescription medication bottles and receipts
  • Keeping a list of every medical appointment you have, including items purchased at each appointment (such as bandages)
  • Asking for a receipt after each medical appointment, even if the costs are being covered by your health insurance

Your attorney will collect a complete set of your medical records as well, but in having two sets, you will be able to ensure that every expense is accounted for when you file your claim with the insurance company.

Submitting Personal Injury Claims

Van Sant Law, LLC will work closely with you to thoroughly prepare your personal injury case. If all necessary documentation and evidence are collected before we proceed, it will make it that much easier for us to maximize your chances of an outcome in which you are given full compensation for your injuries.

Contact a Georgia personal injury attorney who will assist you in preparing your case for injury compensation.