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Legal Tips for Party Hosts to Reduce Liability

Graduation parties are often the first get-togethers in a season filled with celebrations and gatherings. Whether you’re hosting friends and family to celebrate milestones or just throwing an impromptu backyard barbeque, it’s important to make choices that will guarantee the safety of your guests and protect you from liability should an accident happen.

If you’re hosting a party, here are some things to keep in mind:

Never serve alcoholic beverages to minors. If a minor consumes alcohol at your home, with or without your permission, you can be held liable for criminal prosecution and for civil damages due to negligence in claims pursued by the minor and the minor’s parents.

Even if your guests are of legal age, cut them off if it looks like they’ve had too much to drink. Serving alcohol to guests who are clearly inebriated can leave you open to liability due to negligence and breach of due care.

When you invite people to your home, you’re responsible for providing a safe environment. From moving obstacles to repairing damages, party hosts must make sure that there are no obvious dangers to their guests. They are also responsible for having adequate homeowners’ insurance to cover any injuries that do happen.

It’s also important to be informed about any regulations in your area that you might need to take into consideration when planning a party. For example, you might consider visiting to check out the noise ordinances that govern your city or county. Other ordinances that might affect party hosts include parking restrictions and maximum occupancy standards.

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