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Injuries to Legs and Knees in Georgia Car Crashes

Car crashes can happen at any time, and can cause serious injuries when a collision occurs. Victims who get hurt must get prompt medical attention, get an accurate diagnosis, and ensure that they have a full understanding of how their injuries affect their current and future health status. A victim needs to know the full extent of losses a collision will cause in order to seek full and fair compensation for all economic and all non-financial losses which happen directly because of the injury.

While any part of the body could be hurt in a crash, some of the most common injuries experienced are injuries to the lower extremities. If you hurt your legs, knees, or feet in a crash, an Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you to make a damage claim.

You can get medical bills paid, receive compensation for missed work and reduced earning power, and obtain compensation for pain and emotional distress. To get this money, you must prove both that the party you are making a claim against was at fault for harming you and that you actually suffered serious injuries for which compensation is an appropriate remedy.

Knee and Leg Injuries in Atlanta Car Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that: “Studies have shown that lower extremity injuries account for a significant portion of the injuries sustained by passenger vehicle drivers in frontal crashes, and this pattern continues to hold for newer model year vehicles.

Unfortunately, injuries to the lower extremity can have serious and far-reaching consequences. Some of the most common injuries to the legs, knees, and feet which victims of motor vehicle collisions experience in car crashes include:

  • Bone fractures: Many victims of car accidents break their metatarsal bones, or break their tibia, fibula, or femur.
  • Injuries to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL): The ACL is a ligament which connects the tibia and the femur. It can tear or become stretched uncomfortably, causing pain. Surgery is often required to repair the tear.
  • Injuries to the meniscus: The meniscus is the cartilage in the knee. If the knee twists, it can become torn or otherwise damaged, causing pain.
  • Bursitis of the knee: The bursa are small sacs of fluid which are located around the knee. These sacs can become inflamed when a car accident occurs.

Victims who sustain these or other injuries to their lower extremities can experience costly bills and substantial losses. In a law review article from Cleveland State, it was reported that the normal compensation received by a person who needed a rod to correct a broken femur could range from $86,500 to $500,o00. The specific amount of compensation appropriate will vary based on factors including the extent of injuries, costs of medical treatment, and amount of earning power lost.

Getting Help from an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Whenever you or someone you love suffers injuries to the lower extremities because of the negligence of someone else, you need to get help fighting for fair compensation. An Atlanta car accident lawyer will work hard to make sure you have the money to get the treatment you need.

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