Lawsuit: Surgeon Operated on Wrong Side of the Brain

Categories: Medical Lawsuits

A Missouri woman was nervous when she went in for an intricate brain surgery, but enraged when she awoke and discovered that the procedure was done on the wrong side of her brain. This woman with the initials R.T. is a paralegal who need a left-sided craniotomy bypass surgery. She went to the SSM St. Clare Health Center near St. Louis, Missouri to have the surgery. R.T. claims to have suffered strokes for about five years, and doctors diagnosed a craniotomy which would reduce the possibility of more strokes in the future.

Yet when she woke up from the operation, R.T. was shocked to discover that she received a right-sided craniotomy. The doctors operated on the wrong side of the brain. R.T. is filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, claiming that a doctor’s careless mistake cost her her health. Documents about the lawsuit claim that before the surgery, R.T. was mobile, able to care for herself and mentally cognizant. Now, the woman needs around the clock care for her basic needs because she is completely immobile.

The hospital’s CEO and president apologized for the tragic mistake and claimed that it was a breakdown in procedures that should not have happened. The hospital has formally apologized to R.T. and her family and will try to resolve the issue as possible. Government agencies intend to visit the health center to make sure that they are implementing measures that will avoid a similar error from occurring in the future. The lawsuit against the hospital claims that the medical staff acted with complete disregard to R.T. R.T. and her family is seeking $25,000 in addition to medical costs.

R.T. claims that she will continue to suffer emotional stress, depression, anxiety, and disfigurement from the case. She also suffers from depression. If you are the victim of a tragic medical malpractice mistake like this one, then you have the right to seek compensation. Talk to an Atlanta personal injury attorney if you are a Georgia local who is suffering from a medical malpractice mistake and you want compensation in your case!