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Las Vegas Drunk Driver Kills Four People at a Bus Stop

A young driver under the influence of alcohol careened over the curb and off a busy Las Vegas street on Thursday, running over seven people who were waiting at a bus stop. Four people on the street were killed. The driver of the car and his three passengers were all injured and taken to hospitals. Three on the street survived but are in critical condition in Las Vegas hospitals.

According to police in Las Vegas, the driver had a lengthy arrest record, including drug possession, lewd conduct, and larceny. He was charged with DUI and remains hospitalized with serious injuries from the accident.

Atlanta personal injury attorney David Van Sant says criminal records like that possessed by this driver are major factors in determining the judgments that may be awarded to victims of such an accident. When numerous people have been hurt (in this case as many as 11 dead or injured), insurance companies will fight hard to avoid payments. If the driver does not have insurance, the victims will be faced with an entire new set of problems.

When you are in an accident, you need a personal injury attorney to help sort through the issues and to deal with the insurance companies, attorneys for the defendant, and court proceedings. Mr. Van Sant is an Atlanta accident attorney who has helped hundreds of victims over his career.

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