Know What to Do When You Have an Accident

Categories: Accident Victims

It’s easy to talk about being prepared for a car accident, but when you’re in one, sometimes it’s hard to remember exactly what to do. The situation can be particularly exacerbated when injuries occur, either to yourself or your loved ones.

The most important concern when a car or truck accident occurs is safety for the drivers, passengers, and other vehicles on the road. Whenever possible, move your damaged vehicle off the major roadway and out of traffic. Once your car is moved, then you can worry about exchanging information with the other driver.

If you suspect alcohol or drugs to be involved in the accident, dial 911 and report it immediately to authorities. Do not let the other driver bully you into “keeping the matter quiet.” You can never win by negotiating with a drunk driver.

Once authorities have been called, focus on your injuries or those of your passengers or people in the other vehicle. Make sure that ambulances are on the way. Use On Star or another emergency contact system if it is available to you.

When medical concerns have been addressed, it’s time to contact an attorney. This is particularly important if the other driver is at fault and there have been injuries involved. A personal injury attorney can sort through the complexities of your accident situation and handle the details for you. This ensures that you can rest and heal from your injuries while the attorney takes care of business.

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