Keep Your Teen Drivers Safe

Categories: Car Accident Prevention

It’s back to school for teen drivers everywhere, so if you’re a parent of a teen driver, please share the following “SAFE DRIVER TIPS” with your teen:

Keep the number of passengers in your car to a minimum to avoid distractions.
Never use a cell phone while driving.
Wear a seat belt at all times when the car is moving.
Observe the legal speed limit and do not exceed it.
Avoid using drugs and alcohol.
Don’t drive after using drugs or alcohol.
Don’t ride with someone who has used drugs or alcohol.
When riding, don’t distract the driver.
At the Law Offices of Law Offices of David Van Sant , we unfortunately deal far too often with the victims of accidents that were caused by teen drivers. Teens are more than four times as likely to cause accidents than more experienced drivers.

Let’s keep everyone safer this year by sharing these simple rules with our teens again, and again, and again!