Keep Pool Decks Obstacle Free to Prevent Falls

Categories: Injured in a Fall

If you like to spend time at a swimming pool you’ll notice that lifeguards and parents spend a lot of time reminding children not to run. That’s because the number one injury related to swimming pools is a head injury caused by a slip and fall. Head injuries typically happen on the concrete outside the pool, and they can be severe.

According to the American Red Cross, head injuries are the most common pool injuries. That’s one reason why the American Red Cross has released a new online course for owners of hot tubs and pools called Home Pool Essentials: Maintenance and Safety. The course was jointly developed by the American Red Cross and the National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF). It teaches pool owners basic information for maintaining and safely using home pools.

Advice in the course includes basics such as “leave your pool deck clear of obstacles,” as well as suggestions for posting pool rules and stressing safety with children and guests.

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the biggest problems continue to be diving into shallow water, running on the pool deck, and rough-housing in or near the pool.

Head injuries can be forever. Sometimes the youngest children are most at risk, although pre-teens and even teenagers often forget that they are vulnerable to falls too. If you and your family are hanging out at the pool this summer, be sure to discuss rules about running and other rules that will keep everyone safe.

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