Jeep Grand Cherokee Owners: Take Note!

Categories: Auto Safety Information

Recent information released by a fellow attorney in Austin, Texas, offers a reason to be concerned for owners of Jeep Grand Cherokees with model years 1993 – 2004. The Jeeps are designed with the fuel tank in the rear, and if they are involved in a car accident and hit from behind, the fuel tanks are prone to leaks that can cause them to catch fire.

Does anyone else remember the Ford Pinto tragedies of the 1970s?

According to statistics gathered by the attorney and his associates, there have been 172 fatal fire crashes involving the Jeep Grand Cherokee, with the crashes killing 254 people. Far too many, obviously, and yet Jeep has not issued a recal or a fix for the faulty tanks..

Even the Center for Auto Safety has concerns over the Jeeps. In the model’s most recent crash test, less than 30 days ago, it was found that, when hit from behind, the Grand Cherokees began to leak fuel and were quickly engulfed in flames.

This information raises concerns not only for Jeep owners, but anyone on the road who is following a Jeep. Obviously, you need to keep your distance! After all, if a car you accidentally hit catches on fire, your front end is right there where it’s also likely to burn.

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