It’s No Joke to Take a Fall

Categories: Injured in a Fall

David Van SantI remember watching Saturday Night Live re-runs with Chevy Chase. He was a master of the fall. The same can be said of Chris Farley. Those guys fell down for laughs, and it worked, but it’s certainly not funny to fall in “real life.”

I would imagine just about every week we get a call from someone who has been injured in a fall. Whether it’s a fall from a ladder at work or a slip slide on the marble in the corporate headquarters, broken bones, twisted ankles, and even head injuries can be the result.

Depending on the severity of the injuries, a simple fall could cause someone to miss a lot of work and incur large medical bills for doctors, hospitals, physical therapy, and more.

If your injury occurs on the job, there may be workers compensation and employer issues.. If your injury occurs somewhere else, like in a restaurant, or an office building, or a shopping mall, you may find that your medical deductible, lost wages, or expenses can skyrocket fast.

If you are injured in a fall, you should contact a personal injury attorney for a consultation regarding your situation. It may be that the fall was the result of poor maintenance, slippery floors, or an unsafe work environment. If that is the case, you may be eligible for compensation to help you with your medical costs and other expenses.

David Van Sant is a personal injury attorney in Atlanta. He works with people who have been injured in falls and other accidents. He knows the law and can help you understand your rights. If you need legal representation, Mr. Van Sant is Georgia lawyer who takes pride in treating his clients with kindness and respect.

For more information about your legal rights if you are the victim of a slip or fall, contact, David Van Sant.