It’s Golf Cart Accident Season

Categories: Accidents on Vacation

The weather is just about as perfect as it can get for people who like to golf. Golf courses throughout Georgia are enjoying their busy season as duffers of all ages hit the links. While a pulled shoulder or a back ache can be a common injury associated with golf, very few people think about the potential dangers of golf carts.

Sadly hundreds of people are injured or killed every year in golf carts. Many of the accidents occur off course, on city or neighborhood streets. In June a 32-year old man was seriously injured when the golf cart he was driving fell off a golf course bridge. In May, a 15 year old boy was killed in Franklin, Tennessee, on a golf cart he was driving on a neighborhood street.

While negligent driving can be a reason for accidents, defects in golf cart design are not uncommon. A lack of proper maintenance can also be a concern, particularly at busy golf clubs where dozens of carts are being driven by different drivers every day.

If you are injured in an accident with a golf cart, don’t rule out design defects. Contact a personal injury attorney who can help you assess the potential claims you may be eligible for to help you with medical bill or lost time expenses. Most golf clubs carry insurance, but purchasing a tee time may also involve waiving certain rights to claims against the course. An attorney can help you determine all of your options.

For more information on personal injury law or a golf cart injury in Georgia, contact David Van Sant, an Atlanta personal injury attorney.