Injury at a Nursing Home Can Signal a Larger Problem

Categories: Nursing Home Injuries

Accidents can happen anywhere, and it is not uncommon for people to lose their footing and take a fall, especially if they are elderly. When accidents happen in a nursing home, the situation is a bit more complicated. After all, we entrust nursing homes to take care of and provide for our loved ones. If they are not getting the help they need to get around, there could be a bigger issue of neglect or abuse at play.

While I’d never be one to suggest that you should assume the worst of a situation, it’s also naïve not to be aware and concerned for what’s happening with your loved one.

When you visit the nursing home, do you see happy people in a clean environment, free from obstacles that could impede pathways? Are injuries common? Talk to other visitors and ask about their experiences. Are employees professional and engaged with the residents? Or do they stay away when visitors are around? Trust your intuition. It can tell you a lot.

If you suspect a problem with an injury at a nursing home or elder abuse, contact the law offices of David M. Van Sant.