Injuries Don’t Always Happen on the Road

Categories: Liability

If you get a group of personal injury attorneys together at a professional meeting or in any sort of group, you’ll hear a lot of interesting conversations. The same happens if you read the blogs of attorneys around the country.

The reality is that most of our work is with the victims of car accidents and truck accidents, and in my case it’s with clients in Georgia. We work with insurance and medical claims and take the burden off our clients, ensuring all their legal claims are taken care of. It’s rewarding work helping people who have been injured due to no fault of their own.

There are other sorts of injuries: workplace injuries, slip and falls, and once in a while there is a topic that comes up that is not widely discussed, but is more common than you think.

In Georgia it’s known as the Attractive Nuisance doctrine. The Attractive Nuisance doctrine is typically used in the case of an unprotected swimming pool that is the site of the injury of a child. The doctrine can also be applied to injuries ranging from severe cat scratches to accidental drownings or dog bites. In the most basic terms: trespassers may be protected and homeowners at risk.

It’s a reminder that if you’re having any construction in your backyard, make sure the contractor follows all applicable building codes and fences the construction area. A big hole in the ground is attractive to neighborhood kids. Be sure fencing is accompanied with warning or “No Trespass” signs.

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