Injuries at Home May Require Alpharetta Attorney Help

Categories: Accident Victims

Every year in the United States there are more than 13 million household injuries requiring medical treatment. Even more startling is that 20,000 people die from household injuries each year, often from fires, poisonings, or falls.

Of course it’s easy to say it in hindsight, but the surveys show that The most household injuries are preventable. With that in mind, here are some tips for making your own home safer:

If rugs slip and slide on wood or tile floors, get rid of them. Children are notorious for running in the house, and a slippery rug can lead to a nasty fall, a head injury or worse.

Electrical cords need to be kept away from areas where people walk. You don’t need someone tripping over an electrical cord, and if they are within reach of children they can become a hazard.

Chemicals and medicines need to be in locked cupboards and used with caution. If you have trouble reading labels without your glasses on, by all means put on your glasses before you use any chemicals or administer or take any medicines. Help elderly or vision impaired familiy members do the same.

If you’re mopping and your floor is wet, make it obvious by blocking the room. Even the most sure-footed adult can slip and fall if they aren’t prepared for a wet floor. Keep rugs near sinks and showers and tubs to make sure surfaces where water can collect remain slip-free.

Household accidents caused by product defects are another story. If you believe you were injured as the result of a product defect, contact the Law Offices of David Van Sant. Mr. Van Sant is an Alpharetta Accident Lawyer who helps accident victims with the expenses created by accidents that happen due to no fault of your own.