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Inadequate Street Lights and Other Hazards Can Cause Accidents

This week a Missouri woman was hit by a car and killed just a block from her home and area residents blame inadequate street lighting. A Tampa woman was killed by a tanker truck after her car spun off the road. Witnesses say she had ventured to the side of the highway, presumably to flag down help when she was struck and killed. That accident occurred at 3 a.m. today. And yesterday, a 13-year old boy was killed on his bicycle when a truck turning into a gas station in Fairbanks, Alaska, failed to see him crossing the entrance path.

As these examples show,fatal accidents occur under a variety of different circumstances. No matter how careful you think you are, there is always the chance for something unexpected to occur. In those instances, it is important that you know how to find a good attorney.

In the event of personal injury or a terrible fatal accident like the three listed above, next of kin typically will hire an attorney. In Georgia, you need a personal injury attorney who knows how to work with insurance companies, police, medical care providers, as well as an attorney who has experience in court.

David Van Sant is an Atlanta personal injury attorney who has been named one of the top Super Lawyers in the state. Mr. Van Sant works for the benefit of accident victims and their estates. He ensures that the individual responsible for an accident that leaves a victim injured or dead pays. Restitution is his goal. Helping victims is what he gets up for every day.

Circumstances in every accident are different, and authorities will investigate every accident given the information available. Some attorneys will get involved in accident reconstruction as a way to help build the case and to find necessary answers for adequate settlements and outcomes.

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