Hurricane Sandy is Good Reminder about Safe Driving in Storms

Categories: Accident Victims

The damage left by Hurricane Sandy, the 1000-mile wide storm that hit land around Atlantic City last evening, is a good reminder about heeding the warnings of weather forecasters and law enforcement officials during inclement weather.

In Atlanta, we were fortunate to be spared the major winds and inches of rainfall of some of our coastal neighbors, but we get our share of crazy weather here too.

When the National Weather Service issues a severe storm warning, whether it’s a snow storm or a major thunderstorm, it’s important to pay attention. Even a little rainfall on our slick highways can turn a normal commute into a scary ordeal.

To avoid accidents on the highway, consider staying home when it’s storming or hang out at the office until the worst weather subsides. If you are traveling to work in a storm and you can delay your arrival, do it. Not every car on the road in this area has good tires, and bald tires can cause skidding and sliding in even small amounts of rain. When driving in the rain, keep as much distance as possible between you and the car ahead of you. If someone slips in to your “open space,” back off the accelerater and allow more space between you and the new car once again.

If your tires need to be replaced or your brakes need an adjustment, don’t wait. Take care of your auto maintenance regularly!

Remember: there is nowhere you have to be that is important enough for you to risk your life driving in bad weather.

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