How Much is Enough?

Categories: Accident Victims

There are several factors that go into determining the appropriate amount for a personal injury settlement, but four major factors come into play in every case we represent. They include:

Pain and Suffering – the more severe or permanent the injury, the larger the amount requested for Pain and Suffering.

Emotional Distress – Problems stemming from an accident can lead to an inability to live life in the same way as before the accident. This can cause depression and emotional distress, and courts consider this in personal injury cases.

Medical Bills – The cost of all medical care related to the accident, as well as care that will be required for months or years to come, needs to be calculated into the amount sought in a personal injury case.

Lost Wages – If you are unable to work, even for a short time, as a result of an accident, damages should be sought for the wages that were not earned. If a job loss is a result of an accident, this must be considered as well.

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