Holiday Weekends Lead to More Accidents Caused by Drunks

Categories: DUIs in Georgia

It’s no secret that more drunk driving accidents occur on holiday weekends than other times throughout the year. This weekend throughout the southeast is no exception.

The Georgia Highway Patrol has had a busy weekend responding to accidents involving people who had allegedly been drinking and driving. While some accidents have been minor, others have had major consequences for innocent victims. Law enforcement and emergency responders say dozens of injury accidents throughout metro Atlanta are believed to be the result of drunk drivers already this holiday weekend..

If you were involved in an accident this weekend, the first thing you need to do is tend to the medical needs of your passengers and yourself. Have yourself treated at a hospital or clinic, and be sure to report to your doctor any symptoms that may show up over the next few days, such as headaches, sore muscles, forgetfulness or other aches and pains.

Insurance companies will begin their investigation of your accident as soon as their adjuster receives the file. Your insurance agent also will want to know if you have been injured and if you have sought medical attention. Once you have attended to your injuries and have been in contact with your insurance agent, the next person you need to call is a good attorney.

David Van Sant is a personal injury attorney who works for victims of accidents of all types throughout the Atlanta area. Mr. Van Sant and his team are available to consult with you if you were the victim of an accident this Memorial Weekend. For assistance with your case, contact David Van Sant today.