Heavy Rains Cause Road Closures in Atlanta

Categories: Car Accident Prevention

The torrential rainstorms in Atlanta this week are causing roadway failures and motivating the Department of Transportation to close some routes. According to Fox News, the heavy rains this past week flooded out various roads and caused trees to fall all around the Atlanta metro area. Some highways are still impassible after the accident. In Flowery Branch, a small town near Atlanta, the rain caused a water rise and one woman was trapped in her home due to the flooding. The house, which is now unlivable and is submerged in water, has been evacuated.

Stephens Road in Hall County was washed out by the heavy downpours, leaving a giant pit in the ground. Thankfully, no motorists went down the road after the pavement disappeared. This could have facilitated a devastating accident. On Trudy Drive near Atlanta, crew are currently working to fix underground pipes that burst during the storm and repair a crumbled road. Some major area roadways, in including the Atlanta Highway have all been flooded out.

If you are injured in an accident because of flooding or a caved in roadway, you may be able to seek compensation. In a single-vehicle accident, there normally isn’t anyone to hold liable. Yet if the road conditions were unsafe and you weren’t warned of this ahead of time, you have the ability to seek damages from the city where you live. Before starting in on this lawsuit, it is important for you to talk to an attorney. You will want a lawyer there to help you and show you whether or not your case has merit. In some cases, a dangerous roadway may not be a city liability, especially if you were off-roading or using an abandoned or private roadway. Hire an Atlanta personal injury attorney if you want more information about these lawsuits!