Head Trauma May Be Prevented by Side Impact Airbags

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National highway safety authorities have noted that as many as 30 percent of automobile crashes involve side impact. While the technology for installing side “curtain style” airbags into cars exists and has for several years, U.S. and foreign auto manufacturers have been slow to implement the technology.

There’s a big problem here. Side airbags are known to protect against severe head trauma. Head trauma is not as easily “repaired” as a broken bone or leg. It’s time that the U.S. auto manufacturers take this very real safety concern into consideration and begin putting side airbags in every make and model of car, truck, minivan, and SUV.

Some law firms have begun specializing in lawsuits aimed at car manufacturers, particularly when a severe head injury most likely could have been prevented by deployment of a side airbag. Pressure from these lawsuits is beginning to get the attention of Detroit and other manufacturing centers, but installation of the side airbags in every car is still years down the road, according to industry experts.

Why would a manufacturer be slow to implement such a potentially life-saving device? it’s not because they don’t appreciate consumer safety. Most likely it’s concern over whether or not consumers are willing to pay extra for the added safety. In an economy where it’s hard to sell cars, adding safety bells and whistles is low on the priority list for car makers, or so it might seem.

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