Hang Up and Drive

Categories: Accident Victims

The fatal accident on April 11th on Georgia 400 that claimed the life of a 67-year old Cumming man will also forever change the life of the 23-year old driver who cased the accident.

Haleigh Davis Fine turned herself into police the day after the crash, admitting she was texting when she veered her SUV into the lane of the other driver, causing the accident that flipped his Nissan Pathfinder several times, leaving him dead at the scene.

Fine has been charged with second degree vehicular homicide and failure to maintain control of her vehicle. Her fate is at this time uncertain.

The fate of the victim, Edward Kivlin, and his family is one of extreme sadnes, particularly considering the senseless nature of the crash. Mr. Kivlin is only the latest local tragedy in what the National Transportation Safety Board Chairman says is a growing concern. More than 3000 people were killed as the result of texting and driving last year. Numbers are expected to be even higher this year, despite laws in many states that forbid the practice.

It is difficult to police a “crime” like texting and driving. In its deadliness, however, it ranks right up there with drinking and driving, and everyone knows that drinking and driving kills.

As parents we must set examples whenever our kids are in the car with us. No phone call or text is so important that it should be handled when you are behind the wheel.

Technology manufacturers surely can do something about it by making devices unusable when a vehicle is in motion. Debates on this topic are already front and center within the industry.

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