Hallween Week Can be a Spooky One on the Road

Categories: Auto Safety Information

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney David Van Sant doesn’t want to spook anyone, but he does want drivers in the Atlanta area to use extra caution this week while driving around the city.

Halloween has turned into a week-long celebration in most cities in America, with bars and restaurants hosting costume contests and balls for people of all ages. If you’re driving around the city this week, be careful on the roads and watch for drunk drivers and little trick or treaters.

Most drunk drivers can be spotted because they are either going way too fast or a bit too slow. You can also tell someone has had a bit much to drink when they are weaving within their lane or leaning forward toward the steering wheel, obviously trying to concentrate on the road.

If you see a suspected drunk driver, call 911 and report the location and a description of the car. Every driver on the road will thank you for that service.

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