In the aftermath of an injury accident, there are many factors at play that can affect the value of your case. One of these is the conversations you may have had with an insurance adjuster. Adjusters will often do all they can to reduce the value of settlements for accident victims. If you have not yet spoken to an adjuster, do not talk to one now. Instead, you should focus on three main objectives, which include:

  • Recovering from your injuries by seeking effective medical care
  • Documenting and organizing your case
  • Finding an experienced attorney who can assist you filing for compensation

At Van Sant Law, LLC, we can provide you with comprehensive assistance in preparing your injury accident case. We have considerable experience in the area of personal injury law, and we have helped a number of individuals pursue the compensation they needed after an accident. We will gather all necessary documentation for the filing of your insurance claim, and deal with the insurance company on your behalf in an effort to maximize the settlement amount that you receive.


One of the ways that you can strengthen your case is by keeping accurate medical records. You can accomplish this by:

  • Saving every receipt and bottle related to your prescription medication
  • Asking for a bill after every doctor visit, even if the visit is being covered by your insurance
  • Maintaining a list of every medical appointment you attend, including dates and items purchased (such as bandages, splints, or heating pads)

Any personal injury attorney you hire to represent you will automatically obtain a complete set of your medical records from your doctor. However, in keeping your own set of documents, you will be able to “double check” all of your expenses, ensuring that all of your damages are accounted for when you make your claim with the insurance company.