Good News: Chocolate May Lower Stress!

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Now here’s something just about everyone can get excited about, particularly with Easter just around the corner:

A new study, sponsored by none other than Nestle, suggests that eating chocolate, especially dark chocolate, in small quantities every day helps reduce the level of stress hormones in your body.

The study concluded that the chemical compounds contained in dark chocolate help reduce the hormones in your body that cause stress. In other words, chocolate can make you happy!

This is good news to every parent and grandparent out there who looks forward to next Sunday’s chance to bite the ears off a chocolate bunny. If it’s a dark chocolate bunny, it may actually be good for you!

Nestlé scientist Dr Sunil Kochhar, who led the study, has said “When you are stressed your body’s chemistry becomes unbalanced. In the long term this can be harmful to your health. We have found that eating a moderate amount of dark chocolate on a daily basis can help to balance the body chemistry of people who are stressed.”

Dr Kochar has also commented “It is possible to speculate that making dark chocolate part of a healthy balanced diet might lead to a chemical composition in the body that is better able to handle stress.” This study offers the interesting consideration that eating some chocolate everyday may help you beat stress, which can cause a variety of physical and emotional conditions in the long run.

Every week I work with accident victims and individuals who have been injured. Stress is a big part of what they are dealing with every day, so we are always pleased to be able to offer advice to our clients and readers of this blog.

So, if you are the victim of an accident and need to reduce your stress levels, contact a good lawyer, and treat yourself to a little dark chocolate too We suggest you follow the study regimen, and eat about four squares (four ounces) of dark chocolate per serving.

We hope this helps to alleviate your stress. In addition, if you need the assistance of a competent attorney and his team, contact David Van Sant, an Atlanta personal injury lawyer. Mr. Van Sant works hard for accident victims, and is interested in helping clients who need his assistance dealing with insurance companies, medical providers, employers, and others who are involved when a personal injury occurs.