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Gives Veterans a Chance to Succeed

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After their years of service, many veterans return to home only to realize that they do not have a career path set.

After all, the average of a person enlisting in the United States Military is 21, because the maximum age allowed is 35 years. Therefore, a 21-year old is unlikely to have a career or even have finished his or her college education.

After their years of service are complete, they need something to fall back on. That is why offers a scholarship to veterans. Today, more veterans come back from service or deployment and enroll in college. However, the rising cost of college does not make it easy for these service members to complete their degree.

Some have their GI bill and post-9/11 financing, but others are not so lucky to unlock these financing options for their future. recognizes the need for an education, which is why our firm offers a scholarship program that gives $1,000 towards a service member’s education.

The Road to a Degree is Still a Challenging One

Even with government financing and loans, the road to finishing a degree is hard for our veterans. Most will spend a minimum of four years in the service, and most of what they learn is technical; therefore, they do not always have career options when they are no longer in the military. Others might suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which makes it harder to return to school or work.

The costs of education are increasing every year. Today, the average cost of tuition and fees for school was $34,740 for a private college and $9,970 for a state facility. These costs are just per year, and to reach a bachelor’s degree, the average graduate will spend $22,261 at a public school and $43,289 at a private university.

Support Goes a Long Way

These costs are extensive for someone returning to civilian life. While the military does help a person get a job, there is no way for a returning service member to work full-time and receive his or her degree quickly. Therefore, additional scholarships can help a veteran avoid the hassle of school loans – and not only graduate – but graduate with as little student loan debt as possible.

How to Apply for the 3rd Annual Veteran’s Educational Scholarship

If you would like to apply for the third annual veteran’s scholarship hosted by Van Sant Law, you still have time. First, you will need to send the following to our offices. Even if you have missed the deadline this year, you can be put into the pool for next year.

Here is what you need to sign up:

  • Prove that you were a member of the US Armed Forces and that you have an honorable discharge from your branch of service;
  • Send in a copy of your military form DD-214;
  • Send a copy of your current student ID and proof of college enrollment;
  • Create a 500-word essay about your aspirations in college and life.

Van Sant Law is Committed to the Community

At Van Sant Law, we are here to help everyone we can in our community – including our service members. If you or a loved one has been severely injured, turn to our advocates today to explore your options for compensation.

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