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Launches Campaign to Bring Awareness to Pokémon Go Users

Pokémon Go distraction Van Sant Law

Pokémon Go is a great way to get up and get out to interact with the world. It has taken adults, teens, and even children, and turned them into Pokémon-catching junkies. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying an app and having a little fun, there is something wrong with doing so while operating a motor vehicle.

One would assume that people know better than to drive and use their phones – after all, it is illegal. But, there is a shocking number of people who are using their Pokémon Go app while driving, despite the laws. It is not just happening in the United States, either. Countries like the United Kingdom and New Zealand have seen their fair share of accidents caused by using this app, according to The Atlantic. The app has already released in 38 other countries and government officials have a right to be concerned.

Use of the app has also forced people to wander into hazardous situations, such as entering caves, walking in front of vehicles, and even entering a stranger’s backyard. The mapping feature on the app is leading people into areas where they shouldn’t go, including restricted areas.

Pokémon Go and Driving Don’t Mix

There has been a slurry of accidents already reported. From players crashing into police cars to driving their vehicles into trees, the numbers are growing the longer the app is released. There was even an incident where a driver crashed his car through a fence and entered a school building (in Australia).

Pokémon Go car accidents are still considered distracted driving, which can be defined as gross negligence. This means that, if you are injured in an accident with a driver who was playing the game while operating a vehicle, you not only could seek your compensatory damages but include punitive damages.

Drivers need to be aware of the hazards. The app is not designed to tell you how to operate a vehicle and catch characters. Also, driving and texting is dangerous – driving and catching a Pokémon character removes your eyes from the road for even longer time periods.

Wants to Bring Awareness to the Public

At Van Sant Law, we work hard to ensure that the public knows how to be safe – and we like to educate our readers and clients about personal injury law. That is why we have launched a campaign to bring awareness to this growing hazard on our roadways here in the state of Georgia, as well as the rest of the country. We want drivers to know their responsibilities and injured victims to know their rights.

Bottom line: Put down the phone. Pokémon can wait. An app, regardless of how fun it may be, is not worth your life, or the lives of those sharing the road.

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